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1990 Harley Davidson (Grey Ghost) Fatboy

1990 Harley Davidson (Grey Ghost) Fatboy



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1990 was the first year for the Harley GREY GHOST FAT BOY.

The name "Fat Boy" was inspired by the atomic bombs named "Fat Man" and "Little Boy" that were dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. With its silver paint scheme with yellow ring accents, nd with its solid riveted disc wheels, he Harley Fat Boy should be seen as a tribute to the US Air Force B29 Superfortress long range bomber plane.

The so called 'Grey Ghost' finish was applied only to machines built for the 1990 model year, f which 4,440 were made, nd today these first-of-the-line Fat Boys are among the most collectible of modern Harleys.

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